Tuesdays Programming

01:00 AM Memory Lane With Big Bob

Welcome To Memory Lane Memory Lane is a 3-hour LIVE show, owned and operated by EZHelp Computers LLC, and broadcasted every Saturday at 9:00 am EST featuring "Old Time Rock and Roll" music. We play the charted hits from the 60's and 70's, one hit wonders and covers. We don't just play songs, we play memories. Our database contains charted tunes from a variety of popular groups. Before cell phones, before CD-ROMS, before microwave ovens and before SUV's wasn't life much simpler? If you remember The Motown Sound; Drive-in Movies and Cruising your Main Street, then sit back, listen, enjoy and reminisce with the tunes that will never die!

12 Noon   Saving The 70's With Mike Walker

"Saving the 70s" is hosted by Mike Walker, 37 year veteran of the "radio wars", and 70s music and culture FANATIC!"Saving the 70s" specializes in songs that traditional radio forgot, but you never will. And it's not just the music that'll keep you coming back. "Saving the 70s" is loaded with sound bites from 70s music, tv, movies, news events, commercials, and more, presented at breakneck speed as Mike races back from the restroom before "American Pie" runs out!

2 PM   Guilty Pleasures With Richard Todd

Guilty Pleasures is a weekly two hour show playing the songs that you have secretly loved for more years than you care to remember, but now is the time to come out and declare your love for those "forbidden songs" The songs mainly come from the 70's and 80's but we do play some tracks from the 60's, 90's and the 00's.

8 PM      Gus D Oldie Doo Wop Show

A Little Bit About The “Duke” of Doo Wop !

Gus grew up in Brooklyn New York during the 50s when Doo Wop was born. As His interest in Doo Wop grew, He was fortunate to go to the Alan Freed shows to witness in person Doo Wop history in the making. Gus later moved to South Carolina in the 80s and began hosting a Doo Wop radio show on 98.3 Fm. Gus also hosted the Doo Wop 50 PBS special in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000. He also hosted Doo Wop and Oldies shows all over the country including cruise ships, which he still does today! Gus now lives in Arizona and is still doing shows and keeping the music and all those great Doo Wop memories alive. Gus joined Cruisin Oldies Radio with the intention of sharing both the music, the memories, and his vast knowledge of the greatest music of all time !