Thursday Programs

8 AM Solid Gold Music Show  With John Watson

Welcome to t The Solid Gold Music Show, a weekly syndicated radio show, broadcast worldwide on a number of AM / FM, hospital, community and internet radio stations, presented by me, John Watson.

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12 Noon Route 66 With Leslie Stevens

The legend that is Leslie Stevens was born and raised in the Los Angeles area of Hollywood, Ca. He grew up listening to doo-wop,rock & roll, cha cha cha & jazz music. He developed his interest in radio electronics at the age of 12, built his first radio transmitter kit at 13and went on to study radio and television engineering/announcing. He landed his first job in radio at the age of 19 in a small mountain area of Los Angeles. He worked for three major recording studios and several small independent recording studios. Not to mention, several radio and television stations in both California and Arizona. His studio is like "a blast from the past" using vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders and tube (valve) equipment from the early days of radio. All re-built, and sounding good "I just love the warm sound quality that I get from vintage electronics." His studio is located off of route 66 in northern Arizona, west of Flagstaff, in a tiny little town named Seligman in Arizona, with a population of just 200, so you can bet that many will be joining us to hear the internationally-acclaimed Route 66 Show from their most famous fellow citizen.

1 pm  The Essential Guide To The 80's    With Richard Todd 

The essential Guide To The 80's  is an exciting 2 hour long weekly show.

Each week during the hour long show we feature some of the best new and current chart hits from the US & UK along side some classic 80's track by some classic 80's artists.