Friday Programs

12 Noon  Takin Ya Back 80's       With Kurt David

Taking Ya' Back with Kurt David Join Kurt David as he Takes Ya Back to the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. Each hourly program specializes on a decade and the whole hour is linked by a common theme. Hear great classic oldies and some of those that you may have forgotten. Great memories, great times and a great show.

Kurt also informs you with some great Songwriters Searches. Classic songs linked by great Songwriters..

3 PM  Essential Guide To The 80's    With Richard Todd

The Essential Guide To The 80's  is an exciting  2 hour long weekly show.

Each week during the hour long show we feature some of the best new and current chart hits from the U.K. & US Top 40 along side some classic 80's track by some classic 80's artists.


11 PM The Expat Chart

Welcome to The eXpat Chart. This is The eXpat Chart. The Top 40 singles as played on English language radio stations around the world. On stations in Spain, the Canary Islands, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Oman, Dubai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Aruba.

See and buy to download the most popular songs that you are listening to on the radio, and see where your favourite song is in the chart.

Also see the latest showbiz news, and what CD's and MP3 downloads you could be getting soon, aswell as more about the programme.

The eXpat Chart is the countdown of airplay on English language radio across the globe.

The eXpat Chart is the countdown of the biggest songs being played on subscriber stations across the globe. Broadcast on over 35 radio stations and to an audience of over 2 million listeners, it is the only chart that reflects what listeners are hearing on their local radio station.

Compiled from station airplay, the chart is the definitive guide to what is hot, and what is not.

The top 40 singles that people are listening to, with no gimmicks, no pointless waffle, just the most popular music on the scene at the moment.

On top of the top 40 singles, we catch up with the latest showbiz news from The eXpat Chart newsroom

Spencer James has been working in the media for over 15 years, and has been broadcasting for nearly a decade.

In that time he has been the programming controller for the UK's first bi-lingual student radio station, Production & Promotions Manager for one of Spain's biggest English radio networks, drive time and breakfast host on stations in the south east of the UK, as well as hosting The eXpat Chart.

His passion for the media started originally in television, where he became a first assistant director for a couple of short films, one of which was BAFTA nominated. It was whilst at university however he truly became involved in radio broadcasting. Starting as a presenter, he worked up the ranks to become the Programme Manager for 2 years whilst also attaining a degree in Film & Television at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Post graduation, he worked abroad, for what was supposed to be a summer break. 3 years later he was still there helping in the running of the station. His return to the UK saw him take a role at AA Roadwatch, reporting travel news across north London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire as one of the flying eyes. He spent his days flying around in a small airplane reporting on accidents and jams. It sounds more glamorous than it was!

In 2003 he started working as a presenter for one of the major radio groups in the South East of the UK, working throughout the schedule from drive time to breakfast show presenter. In the spring of 2008, Spencer hit upon the idea of a chart show for radio stations broadcasting to expatriates, and from that The eXpat Chart was born.

When Spencer is not behind the microphone, he can be found cheering on the England rugby team, as well as trying to hit a golf ball around the place. He also likes creating and experimenting in the kitchen, trying to invent new and interesting recipes, usually with varying degrees of success.